Saint George Insurance provides Commercial Truck Insurance in Texas, California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Utah, Washington & Oregon. We can help you save big with the best rates in the market. We offer complete coverage for truckers, most of all, we understand your business needs as an owner-operator.

Saint George Insurance tambien cuenta con productos de aseguranza binacional para camiones comerciales Mexicanos que circulan comercialmente por Texas, California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Utah, Washington & Oregon. Obtenga la protección necesaria para cubrir los daños a terceros, en sus bienes y personas.

We can register your fleet, provide permits for your services, take care of all the state and federal required filings. We can also create a customized plan to cover your insurance needs, from liability and injury insurance to coverage for your trucks and equipment.

Saint George Insurance can assist you with all types of business insurance, including Workers’ Compensation plans. In addition, your equipment, signage, inventory and office furniture are protected when you have the right amount of property insurance in place.


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A friendly Saint George Insurance agent will explain your options and help you make the right choice about your commercial truck insurance.


Timely Service

Time is money when running your trucking business. Our agents value your time and will get you the help you need, oftentimes the same day. We’ll also proactively let you know of important upcoming dates related to your business.

Peace of Mind

Our comprehensive offering provides more than truck insurance alone. We offer several products related to your business. These products include registration, DMV services, business formation services and legal advice. Above all, Saint George Insurance offers peace of mind.


We strive to be a partner in your success. To do so, we’ve created a portfolio of high quality insurance and business services to meet all of your needs. Furthermore, our agents attend regular training to ensure that you are always offered the most relevant quality services you need.

Specific Experience

We help truckers. We always have. When you’ve served a specific industry for as long as we have you develop a certain knowledge with that industry and it shows in our product portfolio. Our agents understand your business and can help guide you through your challenges with solutions that just make sense.